About Us

Falcons Online Academy is open to all 7th-12th grade students residing in Minnesota. Students can create their own schedule by creating a part-time or full-time schedule. We have experienced teachers and staff who will support your student's learning and development. Students who register in FOA are encouraged to participate in activities, sports, and clubs at Faribault High School or their home school.


What Does online school look like?

  • Flexibility of when you complete the assignments

  • Opportunities to take classes that might not otherwise fit in your schedule

  • Able to take classes which the current school you are enrolled in may not be able to offer

  • Clear and real-time data on how you’re doing and what you need to do next

  • Help from experienced teachers how you need it: messaging, in-person, Gmeets, etc.


Who Can Learn with Falcon Online Academy?

  • Any Minnesota middle school or high school student

  • Part-time or full-time students

  • Students who want to attend college or join the military

  • Students in the workforce

  • Students behind in their graduation and career goals

  • Students wanting a challenge

  • Students pursuing their career pathway

  • Students who learn best at their own pace

  • Students with IEPs or 504s


How to Have Success in Online Classes with FOA

Pay close attention during your onboarding meeting on how to sign in, how attendance works, etc.

  • Edgenuity has a lot of great features!  In particular the course map, which tells you what you are supposed to do that day, and the ability to take digital notes to help you with quizzes, tests and other assignments. 

Log in every day and do at least one day's worth of work in each of your online classes.

  • If for some reason you can’t log in every day due to a busy schedule, be proactive.  Prepare yourself by doing additional work before your schedule gets busy, mentally prepare yourself that you may need to work on the weekend to catch up and take advantage of days off of school by working in your online classes.

  • Students who stay on pace or within a few days of on pace, tend to do much better in their online classes.  If you fall too far behind, it creates unnecessary anxiety and stress!

Advocate for yourself!

  • Ask whenever you have a question--teachers and staff are happy to answer and help.  In an online environment we cannot see your faces to know if you are understanding the content or assignments.  The only way we know if you need help is if you ask!

Create a daily schedule for yourself and stick to it!

  • Include rewards for completing your work.  Examples may include going for a walk, taking a 10 minute break or 10 minutes of checking in with friends.

  • What time are you waking up?  Going to bed?  Doing your work?  This is extremely important.  Without the structure of an in-person school day, it’s easy to get off task and choose to always do something else besides your work.  Schedule it and stick to it!

  • Focus on scheduling at least 45 minutes each day for each online class.  You can adjust your schedule once you start your classes and figure out how much time you actually need. 

  • A full time online student should expect to spend 4-5 hours every day on their coursework.  That seems like a lot but it’s still much shorter than an in-person day of school.

  • If you are a part time student, take advantage of your study hall or open period.  It’s easy to waste that time by talking to your friends, sleeping in or scrolling through social media.  But if you don’t do your work during that open period, when are you going to do that work?  It’s very easy to fall behind quickly if you aren’t using your time wisely.  

Set yourself up in an environment where you can focus and learn

  • Put away the phone and other distractions.

  • Make doing your schoolwork a priority!

  • Find a separate space in your environment that is just for schoolwork.

Socialize with the important people in your life

  • Sometimes an online environment can be lonely and repetitive.  It’s important to make sure you continue to reach out and connect with your friends and family.  This doesn’t just mean texting or snapchatting.  Actually connect!

  • Meet for a cup of coffee or a treat and talk face to face.


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